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Introducing Celerum's New Transport Logistics System (TLS)

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Fleet Management Software, driven by Artificial Intelligence

Celerum’s AI takes all the data across our Transport 
Logistics System and automatically optimises decisions 
made against a chosen business KPI. Our intelligence 
improves decision making and achieves real efficiencies 
across your business.

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TLS - Driven by AI

Transport Logistics System

Celerum’s Transport Logistics System (TLS) is a SaaS based platform for any company operating fleets of trucks, trailers and/or light goods vehicles. It provides intelligent planning and allocation powered by cutting edge artificial intelligence, allowing you to reallocate resources in real time when demands change or problems arise.

AI Optimiser

Our unique AI Optimiser gives your operators the confidence that the best possible outcome is achieved, every time. Aligning our Algorithms with your KPI’s ensures that cost savings, efficiencies and utilisation are constantly being maximised, delivering tangible ROI. 

Estimated Calculations Year To Date

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Predicted potential efficiencies based on current customer usage


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Driving Hours Saved


Less Fuel Used


Less Miles Driven

About Us

The world of logistics is undergoing a revolution, driven by the power of artificial intelligence (AI). From bustling warehouses to sprawling transportation networks, AI is transforming how goods are moved and managed. By crunching vast amounts of data and automating complex tasks, AI is bringing about an era of unprecedented efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction in the transport and logistics industry.

Celerum are leading the way in this space.

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Why not book a demo to see how Celerum's TLS can help improve your business take advantage of it's unique AI.