Celerum launch first commercial product

Celerum has launched Transport Logistics System, its first commercial product using novel artificial intelligence based on Nature Inspired Computing. The product uses artificial intelligence derived from natural processes and behaviours to maximise resources across logistics networks, cutting costs, carbon emissions and delivery times.

Transport Logistics System is aimed at companies operating small to medium-sized truck fleets, such as road hauliers, suppliers and retailers.

Celerum’s software is easy to implement. It is cloud based and runs on standard computers with drivers able to interact with the system via their smartphones. It allows controllers to plan more effectively and to manage resources in real time, so they can optimise load capacity, drivers and route selection in response to changing conditions. As a result, companies using the system can cut costs and carbon emissions.

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Celerum contributes to successful HiPlan Pilot Project

The Highland Food and Drink Open Logistics Platform (HiPlan) pilot project aims to test if a data driven open logistics platform can be created to address key logistics-related issues in the Highland Region food and drink supply chain by:

  • boosting order fulfilment
  • reducing time to market
  • lowering distribution costs
  • improved sourcing and maximising load efficiencies
  • building supply chain resilience.

The pilot project gathered data from businesses to inform the creation of an open logistics platform using adaptations of portal technology, establishing a basis to build and deploy a variety of web applications designed to meet changing business requirements.

The project took place between November 2020 and February 2021 and was funded by The DataLab and Highlands and Islands Enterprise. The project team comprised Robert Gordon University, Rural Matters LLP and Celerum Ltd. all with relevant and complementary skills in logistics modelling, economic development and the Highland food and drink sector, and software systems.

The full report is available from Highlands and Islands Enterprise.


Celerum partner increases equity stake

Celerum commercialisation partner Frontier IP Group plc has raised its equity stake in the company from 10 per cent to 33.8 per cent to support accelerated development of its innovative nature-inspired artificial intelligence.

The increase is in return for an investment of £25,000, converting a previous loan of £21,818 into equity, and for providing £50,000 of additional strategic, business and hands-on software development services.

Professor John McCall, Celerum founder and Head of the School of Computing Science and Digital Media at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, said: “This new investment and support from Frontier will allow us to take advantage of the strong interest shown in our optimisation technologies across a range of industries, taking it beyond logistics and supply chains to help improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and streamline processes in a number of sectors.”

Frontier IP Group chief executive Neil Crabb said: “We are delighted to increase our equity stake in Celerum. The company’s artificial intelligence has already proved its worth with industry and clearly has enormous potential to improve efficiency within the transport services and logistics sectors, and benefit many other industries.”

Picture credit: Milos Previc Unsplash